Todd Hamilton – Dallas Modern Architect

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Todd Hamilton

Dallas and Regional Architect

Architect Todd Hamilton received his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University and his master’s degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Registered in New York and Texas, the architectural work of Todd Hamilton, AIA, has been widely published.  He has also made an important impact on architecture as a tenured professor at University of Texas at Arlington.  He has taught at Washington University in St. Louis, Texas A&M, and Boston Architectural Center.  Todd Hamilton brings life to architecture both in the classroom and in the modern homes and buildings he designs.

Valley Ridge Road Residence
“A large masonry wall runs the length of the house dividing the private living spaces from the larger, more open, public spaces. A metal roof with a deep overhang protects windows from the harsh sun on the second floor. Large rectangular blocks of Texas fossil stone provide the house’s energy needs along with the geothermal wells used to heat and cool the house. The construction is state of the art relative to sound isolation, thermal resistance, and use of regional materials and methods.”
Interior Designer: Carol Hermanovski
Wildwood Lane Garden
“A transformation of a rear yard into a garden with exercise pool, pavilion for outdoor living, and a newly glazed connection with the dining and living spaces. Site is bordered with a grid of trees and tall privacy screens.”
Interior Designers: Brian Weber and Jim Nesbit
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